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Meadowlands – Inverness Park

Winston-Salem, NC, Davidson County

Beginning Lot Prices: TBD

Home Prices: TBD

Lot Availability

This community is a “Builder Team Community”, which means that lots may only be purchased by builders for spec or custom home construction. Lots may only be purchased by builders that are Builder Team Members. The developer designates the type of community and reserves the right to re-classify a community at any time without notice. (A real estate commission is paid by the builder on the sale price of the home, which includes the lot value.)

Important Documents

Plats, Covenants, Disclosures, etc.

Review or download the PDFs below for more detailed community information. All information is subject to change without notice.

Inverness Park Information
Inverness Park Master Plan Updated 1/26/22

Articles of Incorporation Updated 1/26/22

By-Laws Updated 1/26/22

Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions Updated 1/26/22

Deed Restrictions Updated 1/26/22

Phase 1
Recorded Plat Updated 1/26/22

Phase 2
Recorded Plat Updated 2/10/23

Home Prices: TBD

Home Pricing Disclaimer: Pricing of the homes in this neighborhood is established by the individual builders. Homes prices may be above or below the indicated price range depending upon, but not limited to market conditions, the cost of the lot, the builder’s pricing, the selected plan and specifications, and cost of materials and labor. The developer and marketing representative make no representation as to builder qualifications or license status, nor warranty as to work performed by such builders in the construction of homes. All information contained herein is subject to change without notice.