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Winston-Salem, NC 27103

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Who We Are

Hubbard Commercial, LLC provides the greater Winston-Salem community with personal and professional real estate services.

We recognize that in today’s ever-changing world our success is determined by the performance of every individual in our organization. We strive to create an environment in which every associate and employee can realize their potential and achieve their goals. We are proud of each associate and employee and their commitment to providing our customers and clients the best in real estate services.

Our History

Hubbard Realty of Winston-Salem, was founded in 1950 by Lewis Hubbard and his wife Emma Hubbard. They moved to Winston-Salem in 1946, when Lewis was only twenty years old, and four years later in 1950 Lewis opened Hubbard Realty in a small partitioned space in the lobby of the Zinzendorf Hotel. Since then our company has moved to bigger and better locations, but the attention to detail, the accessibility, and the desire to not just work for, but work with our clients has remained the same. Lewis always worked hard not only for his own success, but to help make the people he worked with be successful as well.

In the early 1950s the Post World War II market meant an abundance of prospective home buyers, but a shortage of homes. Reflecting on the time, Lewis said, “All you had to do to sell a house was get the listing.” The shortage of listings led Lewis to purchase vacant lots, and resell them to builders with the promise that he would get the listing. This proactive approach was the groundwork for Hubbard’s success. In both commercial and residential brokerage and development, Hubbard operates to act in the market, instead of react to the market. To this day we continue to use our unparalleled knowledge of the Winston-Salem market and over a half-century of experience in all aspects of real estate to better serve everyone we work with to the best of our abilities.

In 2013 Hubbard Commercial became a company entity for the leasing and management of properties. To this day Hubbard companies remain a family business focused on Winston-Salem: small enough to give a personal level of attention to our clients, customers, and tenants, but big enough to help the same realize their potential. After sixty-five years in the Winston-Salem residential and commercial real estate markets, tackling everything from brokerage and property management to development and construction lending, we have learned that a happy customer will be a repeat customer, and more often than not the path to success is helping others on their paths to success with a fair, honest, and goal-oriented approach to business.


Bruce Hubbard

Chief Executive Officer

John-Lewis Godfrey

Chief Operating Officer

Debbie Nelson

Chief Financial Officer

Brant Godfrey

Vice President of Sales and Development

Terry Stanley

Facilities Manager

Cassie Taylor

Vice President of Investment Real Estate


Jimmy Long

Facilities Manager


Janice Irwin

Closing Coordinator


John Mooney

Director of Sales and Asset Management

Holly Richardson

Property Management Accountant

Brittanie Arriel

Lease Administrator

Hillary Young

Director of Human Resources and Marketing

Jody Shields



Christen Mills

Director of Systems and Technology